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Rajashree’s diploma film for FTII won her a National Award. Her book, Trust Me, a romantic comedy set in Bollywood, has just hit the shelves. Author Kiran Nagarkar recommends reading her ‘if you want to know how your daughter or girlfriend thinks’. Behind the lens, in front of the computer, Rajashree is making magic…       (read more)


“I flunked in class one because I didn’t know English,’’ Rajashree says. “But you learn more from failures.’’ She sure did. Rajashree, who hails from Nagpur, and is a national award winning filmmaker, has now turned a best-selling author. Her novel Trust Me has already sold 40,000 copies…       (read more)


Q: So, do you think that all men are bastards?

A: Oh, God, no! Why would I write a romance, albeit a comic one, if I thought that all men are bastards? …       (read more)


Trust Me to spill beans on B’wood

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Over the years books have become the inspiration of many a film. Now debutante writer Rajashree has done the opposite. She has written a novel in the form of a film narrative – cut to cut with razor sharp editing…       (read more)


Writer par excellence, Rajashree is a fresh new addition to Indian English literature. Her debut novel Trust Me is the latest bestseller from Rupa & Co. It is selling like hot cakes…       (read more)


Filmmaker Rajashree has made more than an impact with her first book Trust Me, says Utpal Borpujari. Trust Me could well have been a tragicomic film with the Hindi film industry as the backdrop…       (read more)


Rajashree’s novel “Trust Me!” is a funfilled love story set in Bollywood. The FTII alumna looks like the typical writer— her quiet eyes complement the free-spirited Bohemian streak. She loves the serene outdoors and is an ardent fan of FM radio. Her earthiness and earnestness are endearing…       (read more)


Rajashree’s Trust Me has already made it to the Afternoon Bestseller list. Her book has gone in for a re-print and she is all set for its official launch in India. He debut novel has been called “Our own filmi chicklit romance; by Kundan Shah and Michele Roberts, who’s been a Booker judge, called it “A feminist romance set in the Bombay film industry’. Rajashree, of course still thinks of it as her ‘baby’…       (read more)


Looking for an exciting chick-lit book with a twist? Then you simply will not be able to resist ‘Trust Me’ By Rajashree. This is Parvati’s story and her journey through the mad, mad world of Bollywood…       (read more)


Set against the backdrop of the Hindi film industry, Rajashree’s Trust Me is a story about the complexities in urban relationships. Cheated in love, duped and heartbroken Paro concludes “all men are bastards”. When she meets Rahul, she learns that there’s light at the end of every tunnel…or is there? …       (read more)


“Paro stopped listening to me,” said author Rajashree of the protagonist in her novel “Trust Me.” Rajashree has loved the movies since her five-hour wait, years ago, for tickets for “Sholay.” She hates Paro’s condescending attitude towards the film industry…       (read more)


Rajashree’s novel is just like a close friend talking about her love life. I’ve not been an avid reader but of all I have read, this is one of the rare novels that has actually made me compromise on my sleep just to know what happens next…       (read more)