Mala Tumhala…

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Script & Direction: Rajashree
Marathi/ 10 mins / 35mm / B & W

A woman tries to explain to her two daughters why she wants to leave their father. The older one starts fighting with her, and in order to justify herself, the mother reveals secrets about the father which make the child lose faith in him…

Here are some comments about Rajashree’s films:

‘Incredible talent… exceptional performances… gritty photography… foregrounds how much film-makers have progressed both technically and in understanding cinematic language’

‘Haunting in the true sense’
Indian Express

‘…endearing… sweetly sentimental… well-structured and simply narrated… In its own quiet way, addresses issues of family, adolescence and increasingly brittle social relationships. The director withholds judgment… It’s easy to see why this film won the National Award’
Time Out