Tell me quick why I need to break up with Whacko…

Excerpt from Chapter 14
       I was in bed with Rahul when the phone rang.
       He picked up the phone and said hello in the deep baritone voice that was meant to impress producers into furnishing dotted lines and signing amounts.
       ‘It’s for you,’ he said.
       I took a deep breath and said, ‘Hello?’
       ‘Paro?’ Saira said. ‘I’m at Whacko’s place, tell me quick why I need to break up with him, I need a booster dose of antibodies, quick, before he comes back from the loo.’
       ‘I… Right. One, he’s got a violent temper. Two, he does drugs. Three, he says he loves you but he keeps on meeting his ex-girlfriend. Four… four, ya, four, you can’t find someone nice till you dump him. Five, he’s not…’
       ‘Whacko’s back. Bye!’
       ‘Bye-bye, best of luck!’ I put the receiver down and turned around – to see Rahul looking at me, astounded.