Trust Me in Femina



As the last strains of ‘Auld lang syne’ fade away, tuck away your dancing shoes and curl up on the couch with this mixed basket of written words. They just happen to be put together by our book club and are the hottest reads of 2007:

Trust Me by Rajashree

Looking for an exciting chick-lit book with a twist? Then you simply will not be able to resist ‘Trust Me’ By  Rajashree. This is Parvati’s story and her journey through the mad, mad world of Bollywood. While working in an ad film company, Parvati falls in love with Karan – her ‘Mr Right’ – only to find out that he could not be more wrong. Her boss, the fatherly Mr Bose, is the one dependable man in her life – till he displays a not-so-fatherly side. Typically she now has a new anthem: “all men are creeps”. Singed by the experiences, she leaves her job to join a filmmaker who believes in white shoes, black money and the casting couch. Here she meets Rahul, an actor who claims to have fallen in love with her. But now a smarter Parvati will not take anyone’s word so easily. Therein begins her journey of  self-discovery…