Trust Me in The Times of India

What makes you feel beautiful?

The ideal of beauty is much disputed. Rouge debates whether beauty is inborn or cosmetic

WE STEER clear from scholarly researches, analyses by psychologists and popular Mars and Venetian theories. Instead, we invite Rouge women to share their idea of beauty. Here are the first-person, unedited quotes from our cover girls. They tell us the secret to their dazzling looks and successful careers.


Rajashree’s novel “Trust Me!” is a funfilled love story set in Bollywood. The FTII alumna looks like the typical writer— her quiet eyes complement the free spirited Bohemian streak. She loves the serene outdoors and is an ardent fan of FM radio. Her earthiness and earnestness are endearing as she confesses how much she likes dressing up for the opposite sex.

What makes her feel beautiful?

“I feel happy and look beautiful when I do pranayam and meditate. Exercise and healthy food and lots of compliments make me feel beautiful. Occasionally, I do feel the need to lose a couple of kilos but it is more important to keep fit than lose weight. People tell me that my smile is my best asset and I do agree that a smile can tell you a lot about a person. Satyajit Ray said that ‘Cinema is the outer manifestation of inner reality’ and I liken that to beauty.”