“P” for Pataana

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Script & Direction: Rajashree
English/ 10 mins / HD/ Colour

A bunch of teenagers, out for the day in a mall.

Megha, who’s a lovable but bumbling idiot, is in love with Rahul, a good-looking guy in their group. All of them are friends, but he doesn’t seem to be specially interested in her.

Megha confides in two girls, Saira and Shyamoli, that she is going to tell Rahul she loves him. Shyamoli advises her against it – there’s no point in just telling Rahul pointblank, he will simply say no. Megha has to patao Rahul and make him fall for her.

A laugh-riot ensues as Megha tries to patao the unsuspecting Rahul…

Here are some comments about Rajashree’s films:

‘Incredible talent… exceptional performances… gritty photography… foregrounds how much film-makers have progressed both technically and in understanding cinematic language’

‘Haunting in the true sense’
Indian Express

‘…endearing… sweetly sentimental… well-structured and simply narrated… In its own quiet way, addresses issues of family, adolescence and increasingly brittle social relationships. The director withholds judgment…’
Time Out