The Rebel

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This film won a National Award and was screened at many international film festivals.

Script & Direction: Rajashree

Hindi/ 30 mins / 35mm / B & W

The Rebel is the story of an angry 16-year old who hasn’t got over his parents’ divorce and his mother’s remarriage. He folds up like a touch-me-not every time his mother reaches out to him, and finds some distraction in helping an old woman garden her backyard. He starts off by stealing food from her fridge, but gradually grows to care for her…

Rajashree’s debut film, The Rebel, won the National Award for the Best Short Fiction Film and was screened at many international film festivals. Here are some comments about the film:

‘Haunting in the true sense’

Indian Express

‘Rajashree’s National Award-winning debut film, The Rebel, is both matter-of-fact and subtle about the subject, the characters and the turmoil they go through’

Festival News

‘…endearing… sweetly sentimental… well-structured and simply narrated… In its own quiet way, addresses issues of family, adolescence and increasingly brittle social relationships. The director withholds judgment… It’s easy to see why this film won the National Award’

Time Out