Excerpts from Write-ups about Trust Me


Here are some excerpts from write-ups about Trust Me:

‘Looking for an exciting chick-lit book with a twist? Then you simply will not be able to resist Trust Me by Rajashree’



‘A weekend must-read for every chick-lit lover. Go get it!’



‘In this lighthearted debut, Rajashree balances comic and sad moods perfectly. A fun read!’

Marie Claire


‘Romance peppered with Bollywoodian sequences of girl crashing into boy, roadside serenades, melodrama et al. Entertainingly breezy. Curl up in your bed and enjoy this chick-lit’

Sunday Tribune


‘Rajashree’s novel, Trust Me is a fun-filled love story set in Bollywood’

The Times of India


‘In this refreshing take on romance with the film industry as a backdrop, the insider details stand out for their authenticity’

The Week


‘Over the years books have become the inspiration of many a film. Now debutante writer Rajashree has done the opposite. She has written a novel in the form of a film narrative – cut to cut with razor sharp editing…’

The Hindu


‘A mad Bollywood caper about amour lost and found’

MSN India


‘A funny take on errant men and a woman who has learnt her lesson the hard way, Trust Me… is about finding love, dealing with lust and knowing the difference’

India Today


‘Rajashree is making magic…’



‘Rajashree’s novel is just like a close friend talking about her love life. I’ve not been an avid reader but of all I have read, this is one of the rare novels that has actually made me compromise on my sleep just to know what happens next’



‘A light, easy and funny read… While creating a little filmy world in itself, Trust Me, set in contemporary urban India, may just begin another trend of writing’



‘Rajashree… writes warmly and funnily’

The Telegraph


‘With the likes of filmmakers Gulzar and Kundan Shah and authors Kiran Nagarkar and Chetan Bhagat strongly recommending Trust Me, Rajashree seems to have struck the “write” note in her very first attempt at writing fiction…’

Deccan Herald


‘The latest sensational bestseller from the house of Rupa, Trust Me, tries to uncover the face of the real Mumbai film industry – the dark side behind the glitz and glamour of “the city that never sleeps”, a place marred by politics, black money and the casting couch’

Saturday Times


‘Funny and realistic’



‘White shoes, black money, the casting couch and no-holds-barred language dot the 242-page effort. Rajashree’s… writing relies more on dialogue than descriptive or narrative pieces, but her imagery is vivid.’

Festival Daily


‘Designed as a satirical take on Bollywood, Trust Me is replete with anecdotes and characters, like Jumbo, that one may come across only in the world of Hindi cinema. Even the romance between Parvati and Rahul seems to emerge from the formula Bollywood film…’

Hindustan Times


‘A comic caper’

Indian Express


‘Trust Me… is a warm, funny story of love, heartbreak and friendship’

4th D Woman


‘Chick-lit and film tribute in one’

Sunday Mid-Day


‘Trust Me… is for anyone and everyone who likes reading’

Delhi Mid-Day